Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hurts forever

Like I've mentioned I had a sign-up sheet for DYMO volunteers at an open house at my studio. Got a whole bunch of willing people. So anyway, this guy Bing signs up for what he thinks is my mailing list and is surprised to find he's going to be a subject in the project instead. So I don't waste anyone's time I always email ahead with questions so I'll be prepared when they get to the studio. When I ask Bing (gotta love that name) for his DYMO quotes he says he has 2. The first is, 'Having sex with children hurts them forever.' and the second is, 'I can change.' Jesus Christ what the hell does that mean? Is he a creep? Is he worse than a creep? No he is a councilor for troubled kids in the system. One of the nicest and most memorable people I had the pleasure to meet while working on this project.

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