Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's my project so I might as well go first.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is my friend Kevin. As an artist I was really interested in what everyone's thought labels would be. For the most part I really loved what people had to say and was struck by the generosity of sometimes strangers to reveal some small part of themselves for this project. Everyone that volunteered was included even if their DYMO label was a little on the boring side or their photo not as exciting. So I ask my friend Kevin what his DYMO was going to be and he said 'AGOG'. Kevin, who is no longer with us, was smarter, wittier and better read than the rest of us, and the best he can come up with is 'AGOG'? Jesus Christ. For the first time I told someone that their thought sucked and to come back when they came up with something better. Of course we ended up shooting it Kevin's way. I love this picture of him and have learned to love 'AGOG'.


I remember this mom and little girl coming to the studio for their pictures and that the little girl was such a muffin, but unfortunately I can't remember their names.


This beautiful little girl is the youngest in a family of 3 children all of whom I've had the opportunity to paint. When she and her Mom were at the studio, taking preliminary photos for her portrait I asked if I could include her in the project. She looks like a little angel to me.

Narrowly avoids chiches- Narrowly avoids perfection

Abe's DYMO was one of the first photos of the project and I think it really sets the tone.


Rest in Peace Guy Chichester
Guy Chichester, one of the founding members of The Clamshell Allience, was a dissident, an environmental activist, a revolutionary and a gentleman.

Article 10

This is Guy again. Can't you tell what kind of person he was just looking at his hands? He used to carry around little business sized cards with the names of the N.H. Senators and Congressman and their contact information on one side and Art. 10 NH (Right of Revolution) text from 1784 on the other, to hand out. Google it, very interesting. I still have mine. And while you're at it Google Guy Chichester, everyone should live that big a life.


I love this picture of my Grandmother who was a librarian for many years. I asked her to be her most stern for the photo.

It's all good

Noah expects good things to happen and they do.

Finally speachless

Kristin liked being 'finally speechless'. Usually the one called on to make creative decisions, it was a relief to be part of someone else's idea.


I don't really know what to say about this DYMO, but I like that someone in the project chose to leave theirs blank.

I woke to find myself

Leave it to my friend Simone to work Dante into her DYMO thought.


My friend Mike Quinlivan, who volunteered to serve for 2 tours of duty in the Vietnam. Back home and disillusioned he joined John Kerry and Veterans Against the War.


When 'Conscientious' came to have her picture taken she was the mother of a young child about to be the divorced mother of a young child.

Amira means Princess in Arabic

Amira was born under the caul, a veil which is said to signify a person with spiritual powers. Being half Lebanese it was a short hop, skip and a jump to Amira the Princess.


Mike was a lovely guy who had lost his father and brother in quick succession, had dropped out of school, back into school, and was struggling. A talented artist, he was learning the tattoo art by using his body's left side as a testing ground. He really couldn't be strange enough to suit his need. I remember thinking at the time that altering his appearance in such a drastic way was his way of grieving for his family. I hoped that his grief would subside before he hurt himself too much.

Search of Zion

'Search of Zion' was one of my next door neighbor's lawn guys. Not only was he beautiful but I was endlessly fascinated by his dreads. Anyway my neighbor Pat said the DYMO Project wouldn't be complete until it included the the handsome lawn guy. He surprised me so much with the Search of Zion that I never asked him what and why.

I like to take pictures of other people

I met this girl working at Paper Source in Boston. Loved her tattoos and asked her to participate. She is a photographer and most artists understand the sentiment.

Speed Racer

Some dreams die hard.


My mother is happy when she is riding and not happy when she is not.

Don Quixote

Further proof that I can not spell and that Mike is still tilting at windmills.

One of my favorite books

I'm trying to remember the title. It'll come to me.
Oh yeah,
The Country of the Pointed Firs
by Sarah Orne Jewett

Renaissance man


'Infidel' came to an open house at my old studio and signed up to participate in the DYMO Project. A mother with two young children, she really surprised me with what she came up with.

I just keep trying

This guy came over to do his DYMO photo after his wife and child had already done theirs. He had a cold and was feeling used up and disgusted. We've all had those moments in our life that we felt that everyday was just a matter of shoveling shit against the tide.


Deidre the dreamer.


Even tough it is kinda out of focus I love this photo. 'Fast' is one of my daughter's old friends from high school, an avid runner. Gotta love someone this brief and to the point.

Curiousity is a sign of feminine beauty

'Curiosity is a sign of feminine beauty.' is a Victor Hugo quote. When I first started the DYMO Project I thought people would be labeling themselves with pretty obvious and simple statements. Certainly not delving too deep into their psyches for the good of the project. Proving me wrong once again is 14 year old Katy Horrigan, who is apparently better read than I was at that age.

I don't know

This is my friend Jody's son Noah. Independently, both he and his brother Matt chose that same DYMO. Only time that occurred during the project.

Why not?

I see things that never were and I ask why not?
Ann Marie answered an ad I put up looking for willing DYMO victims that I put up at the local bakery.

Service Above Self

Jordan Kelley was back home from Iraq less than a year when we first met. He had an old world sense of formality and politeness about him. Later we would work on a large project together in which he was incredibly giving of his self and time.

It's all important



My daughter Isabella went to the 8th grade Finale with the kid with the spikes.

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Sort of a bumper sticker sentiment I know, but it couldn't hurt.

Hurts forever

Like I've mentioned I had a sign-up sheet for DYMO volunteers at an open house at my studio. Got a whole bunch of willing people. So anyway, this guy Bing signs up for what he thinks is my mailing list and is surprised to find he's going to be a subject in the project instead. So I don't waste anyone's time I always email ahead with questions so I'll be prepared when they get to the studio. When I ask Bing (gotta love that name) for his DYMO quotes he says he has 2. The first is, 'Having sex with children hurts them forever.' and the second is, 'I can change.' Jesus Christ what the hell does that mean? Is he a creep? Is he worse than a creep? No he is a councilor for troubled kids in the system. One of the nicest and most memorable people I had the pleasure to meet while working on this project.


Not only did Bing agree to be photographed for the project he put the call out to friends and coworkers. 'Yes' was Bing's boss, another person you could imagine working with troubled children. It was very dark in the studio that day and my camera was acting up so I didn't think I had gotten anything. The negative was basically unprintable but I think that kinda adds to the overall feeling of her expression and the simplicity of what she is saying.

Enjoying life. Everything and it's opposite.

Enjoying life. Everything and it's opposite. Detached. But not alone.
Intense stuff for a teenager.

Serenity Patience Tolerance

This is my friend Meat labeled with a tongue and cheek version of himself.


Libby the princess.

What if Peggy Lee was right?

I love this photo. I liked the label. I liked the guy. His name is David McPhail and he is a well known children's book author and illustrator. He showed up at the studio with his friend Bing (I told you about Bing) wearing a cape, a modern day dandy of the Frank Lloyd Wright variety. But unlike FLW, David was lovely and humble.


This is my sister Tracy when she was pregnant with my niece Siena. We were at her baby shower the day I took this picture and Tracy was wearing 2 big band aids over her belly button to camouflage her outie belly button.


This is my niece Siena on her first day home from the hospital.


The other half of Julian and Anya. I love her old world face. Anya teaches outdoor skills at the White Pines program.

I am God

I love this one. This is James who is a hair dresser at the salon I go to. Who has the balls to say that? Well, apparently James does. He kept the label on and went about his day at the salon.


'Shameless' aka Lissie is one of my daughters friends. Lissie has a Mensa type A intellect, a Deadhead's cultural view and a hilarious sense of the perverse.

Married 67 years

My Grandparents, who at that point were married for 67 years. My Grandfather died this year, he was 98. My Grandmother is still with us at 99.


My dear friend Katy, who is determined to be French.

Everyone's best friend

I have known Bryon since he was 6 years old. Read 'Blueberries for Sal' with him everyday while he was learning to read. Now he's a grown up, with a house and business of his own. I try not to feel old when I see him. He certainly deserves more than to be 'everyone's best friend.

Thoughts of India

This girl was one of my daughter's friends, who born in India and adopted by an American family.

Take it or leave it.

This is Clint.